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You are guaranteed a team of digital video production company that is flexible, organised and take pride in delivering our customers with a polished product. That you can either enjoy on TV or have as a reminder hanging in a frame on the wall.

Relive the moment

We provide a personalised service for your event. Offering multi-cam high definition production from consultation to the final edit, our sophisticated filming techniques will ensure your delight with the finished product.

The full package

Weddings (both sides)


Religious events

Pre Shoots

Other ocassions

Events to treasure

Premium video production and photography  

Money Video Productions is based in the West Midlands area we have 25 year's of experience in producing high events videography and photography for special events. We also cover nationwide and international events.

Do you want to capture that special moment?  We provide professional production at competitive rates, so you can celebrate your spectacle time.

Capture your event in all its glory 01902 836 118